“N” Litter – *14.1.2023

We have puppies ! 😍 Last litter after PENÉLOPE RadiniePenny” was born on 14.1.2023 🤩

7 males / 2 females puppies will be available from March 10, 2023. 

The “N” litter is a combination of the lines of Hannibal Barkas Radinie and Hella Heureka Radinie. Both live in our family and, at just under 11 years old, are absolutely healthy and energetic, happy to play and work. Both parents of puppies and grandparents have all available health tests in order, have peak performance tests and participate in major competitions including world championships, at the same time they have all show titles. I know most of the ancestors of the puppies personally, they are or were dogs with excellent social behavior, well-balanced, self-confident family dogs. Great Giant schnauzers in my opinion about this breed 😉 .

More about the father of the puppies REY Dlouhý důmhere / More about the mother of the puppies PENÉLOPE Radiniehere

HTML galerie Zonerama
N Litter 7 weeks portraits


HTML galerie Zonerama
N Litter 5 weeks 

HTML galerie Zonerama
HTML galerie 3 weeks 

HTML galerie Zonerama
HTML galerie 2 weeks

HTML galerie Zonerama
N Litter 1 day



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