She has all the available health checks in order:
HD-A1, ED-0, LÜW-0, DCM – N/N, HUU – N/N, DNA Profil, PRA prcd N/N, PRA (NECAP1) N/N, eyes clear

breeding test: 00/4A/6 (64/64cm, 34kg), working exams: BH/VT, show: CAC, CACIB

Gina is a pretty, spirited and very intelligent female imported from Italy, she is a daughter of our Hannibal Barkas Radinie. Her mother is mostly from an exterior line, unrelated to our breeding. Gina is a family type, she loves children. She likes to play with balls and likes to train. He lives with our friend Lenka with her son. He enthusiastically takes long walking tours with Lenka. ;-). Puppies are bred in our kennel.

father : Hannibal Barkas Radinie , mother : Wie die Nacht Cleveland Bay

Offspring Litter “F” Radinie *7.7.2020, Litter “K” Radinie *28.1.2022

Photo gallery Gina: 






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